Midnight Blue Model F - Clip Cord

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   ---The Model F---

Clip Cord Version 

The “Model F” is a new take on spring driven rotaries. Controllable, consistent and compact. Production machines are satin black.

The propriety rear drive system is carefully engineered to provide an extremely well planned “hit” to the machine. It’s timing and duration is intelligently precision controlled through the very specific design in the internals of the machines drive and return mechanism. This is by no means a simple cam and spring. Rather a very durable push rod + timing spring and positive return system that sets this machine apart from others. The push rod driven spring set up “backs off” just like a coil machine with the added consistency of the rotary motor. The very best of both worlds.

The Model F is supplied with several extra springs and instructions giving you the user the opportunity to completely tailor the speed and hit to your specific likes or needs. This machine can be set up to do anything you need, from gentle single needles to huge mags. Lay down laser lines, smooth shading and pack color like you’ve never experienced before. Effortless.

Love the convenience of cartridges but miss the feel and hit of coils? Install the supplied cartridge spring and enjoy a machine that provides all the feel of coils with the convenience  of cartridges.  

All machines are shipped with a premium clip cord using only the finest amphenol plugs and a super flexible, durable cord. 

The Model F makes tattooing so easy it feels like you’re cheating.