One-off GOLD Model F RCA (Deadstock)

$795.00 CAD

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Re-fabricated Deadstock one off!

A chance to save a few bucks on that line slaying, color packing, super versatile dream machine you've been wanting to pull the trigger on.

This machine is completely rebuilt top to bottom, inside and out. Every bearing and spring, the motor, everything is brand new other than the body and armature. This color way is from the original drop with the black back-cap and matching armature and RCA housing. Never to be reproduced again as all current and future models are produced in solid colors.

This machine will be shipped just like a new one, accompanied with a new RCA cord, a replacement spring kit and instruction booklet in a beautiful box. FULL WARRANTY No corners cut!

Get it now or never again.

The Model F makes tattooing so easy it feels like you’re cheating.